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moments of meaning made by you, for you. 

virginia, florida, & worldwide

fine art wedding photographer

You are oh so kind for stopping by! It is my deepest pleasure to get to know you as time goes on. But first (since we've just met!), let me tell you a little bit about myself outside of photography.

My name is Michela, and I have a minor (okay, major) obsession with my golden retriever, Hank. You can often find me picking flowers from anywhere and everywhere only to press them between pages, so that one day, when I'm writing in my journal or flipping through doodles, I'll come upon them and smile. 

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"so in love with our photos!"

- emma + colin

"ludovica is incredibly talented! She captured every emotion"

- curtis + kim

"We couldn't have asked for a better photographer"

-maria & francesco